About Us

Multi Language Solution is a registered and certified company which provides multi lingual translation services as well as offers Desktop Publishing, and Localization Services. we offers valuable services which are essential for expanding your business like Manuals, patient surveys, clinical trials, consent documents, Press releases, brochures, public relations materials, Magazine and newspaper articles. Multi Language Solution has over 8 years of experience in these fields.

Multi Language Solution has specialization in Translation, Designing, Desktop Publishing, and Localization Services. It offers professional translation services in all Indian and major foreign languages. With experience in the field of legal, medical, financial and technical translations, we add a wealth of experience in terms of translation expertise, technology and management to your projects. We regularly invite specialists from different fields of translation to train our staff and improve quality of services provided by us.

We are living in the scientific age where the world has become a global village where so many languages are spoken and the people living in different countries have their own cultures. In the contemporary world, countries are depending upon each other with booming the trade and commerce beyond the boundaries. Hence, translation is a must to understand the needs of the people of different countries and to excel the business. Multi Language Solution are offering its translation services with a twist of cultural touch so that the translation could be realized original by the target audience.

We offer a whole range of translation services - from medical, to legal to general translation.

We work with skilled professionals.
We believe in confidentiality.
We provide quick and affordable service.
We focus on cultivating a long-term relationship with our customers.