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SOFTWARE & Web Localization

In the contemporary world, we are living in global village. MLS Localization services help you efficiently and cost-effectively support the right languages, layouts, fonts for your markets. Localization is a key of success in the current scenario. Hence, MLS agrees that with localizing your products or services to other languages and cultures, you can reach out to your potential customers worldwide.

If you choose localization, your application will not only be adapted to a particular language or region, but also the terminology will be adapted so that the message actually comes across.

Localization helps you to:

  • Efficiently reach and inform potential customers worldwide.
  • Improve the visibility of your products and services.
  • Improve the experience of the clients by customizing the specific content to specific cultures.
  • Increase sales

Website localization

In the current scenario, over 70% of Internet users worldwide buy products and services only on the websites localized in their native language. The number of internet users worldwide is estimated at 1.7 billion.

MLS is one of the leaders in website translation and localization. Our technical team translates all websites, regardless of the complexity, size or technology used. We work with all alphabets and character sets, including those of European, Middle Eastern Languages, Cyrillic and Asian languages. We have a team of specialized experts of Indian languages.

Software localization

MLS integrates the translated text and other cultural and regional information into the files from which the software exists. We combine cultural, linguistic and technical elements so that the product can be easily used by the final user.